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Newsletter issue #1 (July 2024)

Discover our first newsletter with the foreword of Gisela Sanchez, our project coordinator. 

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New publication: "Handbook - Skills and Market Analysis on ESG"

Discover our brief overview in our latest publication!

Open event in Paris, France on 18. June 2024 at 9:00! 

We invite you to join our LIVE & ONLINE event in Paris, France. Topic: ESG.

Train4ESG was presented at the inauguration of the Master in Private Equity and Investment Funds

On the occasion of the 20th edition of the Master in Private Equity and Investment Funds, a course organised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg in collaboration with the House of Training and PwC, Francesco Malvezzi presented the Train4ESG project and its objectives to the course participants and partners.

Finance Innovation (FR) Institut de la Finance Durable (FR), Camera di Commercio Italo-Lussemburghese (LU), TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology (EE), BICERO (SI), WEAVE CONSULTING (MT).

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Exciting news! 

Our very first brochure has officially been released! We couldn't be more thrilled to share it with everyone.

Help us out - the survey (12. March. 2024)

Are you working in finance and interested in enhancing your #esg (Environment, Social, Governance) skills?

👉 ESG investments are on the rise, impacting the long-term portfolio value of financial institutions.

👉 However, there's a shortage of advanced ESG courses.

👉 Train4ESG project aims to bridge this gap by creating a specialised online course.

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Online Kick-off meeting (12. Dec. 2023)

The international project team met for the first time online. Solid foundations for this 30-month project were set.  

What is this project about? >>

Kick-off meeting in Paris, France (20. - 21. Jan. 2024)

The international project team from France, Luxembourg, Malta, Slovenia, and Estonia met for the first time face-to-face in Paris, France. 

What is it all about?

Investors are increasingly recognising the importance of ESG aspects in their portfolios, leading to a surge in the number and value of ESG investments in recent years. This expansion has been bolstered by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, which piqued institutional investors' interest in ESG.

ESG investments are becoming increasingly popular, but digital finance and banking professionals lack the necessary knowledge and abilities to assess, validate, and monitor them. This is primarily because ESG themes are new and have rarely been included in any university or professional curriculum yet. Furthermore, there is a shortage of high-quality courses on ESG investments, aside from simple, beginning tutorials.

Train4ESG will fill a vacuum in ESG professional education by developing an innovative ESG training programme. The course, which will be developed during the project, will provide fintech and other digital finance professionals with the knowledge and skills required to comprehend, assess, validate, and monitor ESG initiatives. As a result, the initiative will help to improve the number of effective ESG investments while also accelerating the approval and implementation of ESG-related business plans. 

The project's findings will be made publicly and readily available to European digital financial experts. TrainESG aims to reach out to digital finance organisations and enhance its effect on the ESG market and sector.

The project's transparent results will encourage Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the digital banking sector to implement high-quality ESG education, despite lacking equity resources.

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